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URL Opener

Open multiple links at the same time, just pasting your URL in the below section. Before hitting submit, check the pop-up option is enabled in your browser. Note; paste links in the blank box as per the potential of your PC.

Note: Large amount of URLs will slow down your browser.
Note: Select always allow popups option in your browser to open multiple urls.

About URL Opener

URL Opener, an easy to use, 100% free and secure tool opens up multiple URLs with just a single click. SEO experts, content researchers or scientists can use it to open their saved links instantly in new tabs. You don't need to have any technical skill to open multiple URLs instantly as it is fast and free tool that uses copy-paste formula. Just type and search URL opener supported by browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox or open it with the link from your browser. Copying the links from a saved file and pasting in the field provided for links can easily open all the copied URLs in new tabs by just clicking the button "Open All URLs". Put one URL in a single line and make sure the speed of your system and internet is enough to open bulk URLs. Otherwise, we advise you to open a maximum of 15-20 URLs at a time to maintain the speed of your work. You can type the URLs manually in the content box or copy them from the file saved in your system. After you have pasted all the links, press the button to open them.


15-25 links should be opened at a time to maintain the speed of your system.
Larger number of links will slow down your system and your progress may get slow.

Always allow popups from the settings if you are a chrome user. This is a very useful, productive and awesome time saving tool that enhances productivity by opening all the links with only a click. Highly valuable for researchers, link builders, web surfers and digital marketers. You will notice great improvement in your work while using this tool. Instead of opening multiple URLs separately in new tabs use URL Opener that makes your work fast and easy. It will open all the URLs in new tabs within just a second saving your time that you waste in opening each URL separately.

You may use this tool in the situation when your friend asks you to download songs from different sites. SEO specialists keep on generating the backlinks to value their site in browser. They have two options, one is to open each site separately by pasting URL in separate tabs or open them instantly by using this tool. It is harder and time taking to open different sites separately for generating a backlink as they need to open multiple sites for this. URL Opener will let them open different sites by pasting all the links in the given box. It is simple and user-friendly, but very useful for enhancing the productivity without collecting the private information as we prefer client security.

Benefits of using URL Opener

  • • URL Opener is not only fast but also an easy to use tool that opens multiple URLs with just a little effort. This effort is pasting your links in the field provided for URLs.
  • • Using this tool will bring great improvements in your work. Moreover, this tool is 100% secure and free to use.
  • • Make less efforts and get better outputs than manual work without creating any problems.
  • • Easily get your URLs opened and start your work on them in separate tabs.
  • • Saves time and shows greater results and productivity in a little time.
  • • Easily manage all URLs and open them with the help of single button.
  • • Our website design gives simple and easy to use interface so that non-specialized clients can also use it without facing any issue.

Why use a URL Opener?

Use URL Opener for its following advantages:

  • • Most of the tools charge for the services they render, but this tool is totally free. We do not charge any cost.
  • • You do not need to install it or add it to your browser. Only search for the URL Opener in any browser or open directly through the link
  • • You can open it in any browser including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Microsoft Edge as it is supported by all the browsers.
  • • Content creators, SEO specialists or researchers can use this tool to fasten their work.

How to use URL Opener?

It was time taking to open each saved link by copying it from the file and pasting it in the search bar of browser. Then copying another one to open in new tab to perform certain activities. URL Opener has made it easy to open multiple URLs instantly, as it uses copy-paste formula. Copy bulk URLs from your database or from your sheet and paste in the field provided for URLs. You will not need to take further actions after pasting these URLs. Just click "Open All URLs" and get copied URLs opened in the new tabs at the earliest. In the condition if your program blocks popups, go to settings and allow popups. Here some steps have been mentioned to make your work easier.

  1. Copy with CTRL+C and Paste URLs with CTRL+V in the URL Opener field. Make sure every URL or link is on a separate line in the field provided for links.
  2. Click “Open All URLs” and see them opened instantly in new tabs.
  3. Go to each tab and perform your work on every link separately. Gather data from all those links if intending to collect information or want to conduct the research work. Generate backlinks in short time if you are doing Search Engine Optimization.
  4. Our site opens infinite URLs, but we recommend you to open maximum of 15-20 URLs at a time to maintain the speed of your system and browser. Open the number of URLs that your browser supports.
  5. URL Opener is a convenient solution that helps you achieve your targets before time.

You do not need to write the full URL as our system works intelligently to understand your purpose. Whether you write or, our system will take you to the site that you want to open. Here are the URL samples that you can open with the help of this tool:


All of these formats are supported by our system. Enter your URLs (single URL in each line) without any hesitation and click the button below to open them quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important questions

What is URL opener?

URL Opener is time saving tool that enhances productivity in short period of time by opening all the URLs instantly.

How do I open a Multiple URL in Click?

No technical skill required to open multiple URL in click. Just follow the copy-paste formula. Click one time on the “open all URL in new tabs button”.

How do I open multiple URLs in Chrome?

Just type and search URL Opener in chrome or directly type in chrome to open multiple URLs in chrome. Copy and paste bulk URLs in the field to open them instantly with just a single button “open all URL in new tabs”.

How can I open links faster?

Now you can easily open multiple URLs with just a single click without wasting a time in opening single URL separately. Just open URL Opener supported by chrome, Safari and Firefox. A site with domain will appear where you will paste file of your URLs. Click open all URLs to open them quickly within a second.

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