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What is Article Submission?

An off-page SEO technique opted for, article submission can be defined as the process of writing articles and blogs that remain relevant to your online business and then getting them added/submitted to the popular free article submission site over the internet.

Article submission sites where you submit your articles not only help to attract a large number of audiences, visitors (and links) i.e., online traffic to your website but also without incurring a great cost for you as well as guaranteeing a faster response time. However, it is only possible when Article Backlinks you create on Free article sites are directly or indirectly related to your business.

What makes a good article submission?

Though the art of article writing and submission is subjective for every individual, one must incorporate all of the following things in its Article Backlinks.

  • The article submitted must remain unique and relevant to your business. 

  • The content you are going to submit to different Article Site for your business not only has to be engaging but also informative.

  • Include a healthy number of keywords in the article.

  • Never forget to organize your data; use headings, sub-headings, bullet points, numbers, and everything else of the sort that makes your content readable and user-friendly on free article submission site.

  • Try to submit an article that is short, crisp and to the point yet is very engaging for the online traffic.

  • Using a web crawler, all tags and titles used should remain easily detectable.

  • In order to create efficient Article Backlinks, submit a different types of articles on a variety of different popular Article submission site and avoid duplicity.

  • Use a unique title for your article.

Why Article Submissions Sites are Important for Online Businesses?

Article submission sites play a major role in the success of the online business by achieving branding and marketing purposes. Here’s how;

Better SEO rankings

By creating Article Backlinks on a variety of Article submission sites better SEO rankings are ensured for your content. When the search engine rankings of your articles are increased, it directly increases the number of potential customers engaging with your website and business.

Better the SEO ranking, the higher would be the online traffic. That’s why article submission is of grave importance for online businesses. 

Increased content visibility

When you submit your article on Free article sites that are popular, content visibility is automatically increased for your brand. All in all, not only helps you to improve your SEO score but also drives more online traffic to your business by creating effective Article Backlinks.

Maximized click-through rates (CTRs)

Using an Article Site to submit your business’ articles not only helps to reach the targeted audience but also results in increased sales. The reason for it is that the moment people are provided with relevant information and a link to your website upon searching for a relevant thing to your business, the click-through rates (CTRs) are maximized. Therefore, directing a chain of online traffic to your business directly.

So, this is another reason why submitting original articles can help online businesses through increased click-through rates (CTRs) and ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Enhanced brand awareness

In order to build a stronger brand outlook online, you have to drive an authentic audience to your website by submitting high-quality articles to Free article sites.

The benefit it has in creating brand awareness is that credibility and authority in the industry improve when your business is ranking in the top results of search engines. Consequently, leading to better opportunities for collaboration and sponsorship from other brands and investors and benefit your online business. 

Advantages of Article Submission on Free Article Submissions Sites

The advantages of submitting articles on different Article submission sites are many; not only for online businesses but also helping in the branding of many on-ground businesses as well. 

The most prominent advantages include;

  • Improved online visibility for your brand.

  • Enhances the online credibility of the business.

  • Broader exposure and reach for your business.

  • Creates Article Backlinks for more brand exposure.

  • A free, viral marketing and branding tool to maximize sales.

  • Helps to generate new customers and sustain the older ones.

  • Minimum investment of time and money for online business marketing.

  • Ensures constant and reliable online traffic for a prolonged period. 

Important Guidelines for Article Submission on Top Article Submission Sites

Though Article submission sites can help increase your online engagement, one has to put in authentic article content to lure traffic. That’s why article submission on top article submission sites should be opted for intelligently and knowingly.

Here are some of the important guidelines for article submission on Free article sites.

  1. First of all, create a list of article submission websites that offer high Domain Authority (DA) and are top-rated.

  2. Registering on Article submission sites remains a requirement. However, some may offer it for free while others charge for it. So, pick accordingly. 

  3. Specify the article category that best suits your article’s content and remains relevant to it. For instance, technology, travel, etc. 

  4. Never forget to include your website's link as well as the necessary keywords within the author description box while submitting your article.

  5. Only submit such articles that are original, interesting, and compelling. Also, try to keep t as short and informative as possible. That’s the key to attracting a large number of audiences.

  6. Keywords must be added necessarily to target the right kind of audience of your website, however, don’t overuse them. It helps in creating Article Backlinks.

  7. Only submit the articles once they are finalized and checked for any errors or mistakes. So, it’s better to proofread and edit the article first and then submit it.

How to Submit an Article in Article Submission Sites?

  1. Firstly, select the right article submission directory.

  2. Create an account on the submission site by registering on it.

  3. After the registration is complete, open the article submission form. 

  4. Fill in all the details required like;

  5. Body.

  6. Category.

  7. Caption.

  8. Keywords.

  9. Author.

  10. Scheduling the release time and date.

  11. In the body, place the article content that you want to submit. 

  12. Submit the article to the Article submission sites that you want to.

  13. Articles submitted are reviewed by the moderator of the Article Site, reviewed, and decided whether they should be published or not. 

  14. If your article submission is approved, it would be posted and you will receive a confirmation email from the submission site as well.

S.No Website Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
1 47 49
2 51 55
3 27 46
4 55 52
5 55 47
6 56 63
7 28 45
8 61 39
9 26 51
10 50 37
11 33 46
12 34 46
13 34 46
14 28 45
15 50 37
16 38 47
17 34 47
18 41 48
19 41 48
20 28 44
21 31 39
22 26 42
23 22 41
24 23 40
25 35 45
26 31 42
27 41 45
28 25 46
29 33 39
30 66 57
31 39 52
32 54 48
33 75 62
34 54 58
35 60 65
36 39 52
37 14 31
38 88 74
39 51 40
40 50 39
41 53 39
42 48 37
43 53 38
44 59 39
45 51 40
46 50 39
47 53 39
48 48 37
49 53 38
50 59 39
51 19 44
52 52 60
53 46 53
54 91 71
55 15 40
56 33 49
57 54 61
58 27 46
59 35 46
60 29 45
61 33 46
62 33 43
63 40 43
64 22 45
65 56 42
66 29 45
67 38 44
68 23 50
69 38 44
70 18 40
71 34 52

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